20 Years Ago, We Launched a Unique Human Service Organization: CHDA

Our Start

In 1995, three South Denver human services organizations saw an opportunity to multiply their reach and effectiveness by joining forces in their fight to help people of limited means and challenging circumstances  realize their best quality of life.

Arapahoe House, Inc., Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Network and Developmental Pathways collectively launched the Community Housing Development Association to promote, build and manage affordable housing in the South Denver metropolitan area. Including providing housing for those with special needs.

A Need in the Community

The CHDA founders believed that stable affordable housing provides an important foundation for the economic and social well-being of individuals, families and the communities in which they live. They saw, however, a broad gap between decent, affordable housing and many people who needed it.

Housing developers most often respond to lucrative, high-income markets. Simply put, they make more profit from high-end housing developments. This results in a dearth of decent, affordable housing for people of modest means, many of which also have special needs.

Meanwhile, the need for quality housing that’s accessible to people of modest financial means has only grown since 1995 and continues to rise.

Meeting the Need

Through the years, CHDA has worked with a growing coalition of community partners to provide quality, service-supported living opportunities for people with modest means including those with developmental disabilities, mental illnesses and substance addiction disorders in the South Denver area.

Our housing developments and operations have grown to consist of 204 units located in five properties in Arapahoe County:

  • 80-unit Willow Street Residences in Aurora
  • Aurora’s 36-unit Lara Lea Apartments in Littleton
  • 12-unit Regal Apartments in Littleton
  • 33-unit Presidential Arms Apartments in Englewood
  • 43-unit Canterbury Apartments in Englewood.

All CHDA units are affordable to residents earning 60 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI) and below. And all are financially self-sufficient. We’re able to keep quality housing affordable by creating community partnerships that include public and private grant funding, Low Income Tax Credit equity and minimal, aggressively managed debt.

We take pride in managing and maintaining CHDA properties to the highest standards with utmost professionalism. We continue to evaluate additional properties to expand the CHDA housing portfolio and program services.

Grown up at 20 and Looking to the Future

We’re proud of the strong, capable, highly competent team that we’ve become over 20 years of serving the South Denver metropolitan community. We operate our properties and business with absolute integrity, expertise and excellence.

We genuinely care about providing quality, service-supported housing opportunities for our residents, many of whom have limited resources and complex, challenging life circumstances. The work we do is also financially viable and makes good business sense.

Given the growing demand for affordable rental housing, we’re committed to our mission now more than ever. And we’re excited as we look to a future in which we can build on our experience and expertise to work with others in the community to bridge the gap for affordable, service-supported housing in South Metro Denver.