CHDA Means Resources, Respect, and Dignity

Sharon Leonard

Sharon has a great zest for living. She and her trusted companion Daisy were among the first to move into the newly renovated Canterbury Apartments in Englewood.

She has a keen interest in Genealogy and historical research, joking that “it raises the dead and irritates the living.” She enjoys doing Yoga at the nearby Malley Senior Center which offers art, exercise, and numerous other programs and activities. She is an avid gardener and participates with a nearby Community Garden.

Sharon does not have a car, but instead either walks or relies on Arapahoe County’s First Ride Senior Transportation or nearby light rail for access to shopping, libraries, healthcare and entertainment. She and Daisy are especially fond of the Miller Field Park that is directly across the street. She found herself in need of an affordable housing alternative when her marriage of 29 years ended. She helps keep a watchful eye on the property, and is a good neighbor and support to other residents. CHDA is very pleased to welcome Sharon as a resident.

Fidel “Joe” Auggire

Joe is an outdoor enthusiast with a great love of fishing, camping, and hiking. He was a high school athlete running Cross Country and playing basketball. He likes to cook – Peruvian and Mexican are his specialties. He rebuilt cars as a hobby – including a 1965 Chevy Chevelle with an auction value of $58,000.

Life is not without its challenges for Joe who was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta or brittle bone disease. This genetic disorder is characterized by bones that break easily, often from little or no apparent cause. The health impacts progress over time.

These days, Joe relies on a wheel chair and is no longer able to work. He has had 122 bone breaks and is losing his hearing and sight. When he came to CHDA for housing, he had been living in his truck for a number of months. He will soon receive a companion service dog from Colorado Access.

Even with obvious and progressive disability, Joe continues to struggle to get permanent disability benefits. And yet – Joe is an inspiration. He demonstrates tenacity and great courage to live a normal life – normal for him.

CHDA is very pleased to welcome Joe as a resident.

Shaunte and Kieran Milton

From childhood, Shaunte has loved to sing and entertain. She has great aspirations of one day making a living as a performer/songwriter. The reality of being a single mom to her feisty 6-year old son Kieran has her in the meantime working as a massage therapist at two different salons.

Shaunte grew up as an only child of a single mom. Witnessing her mom’s struggles and others’ tragedies influenced her desire help others – to make a difference.

She dreams of owning her own full-service salon – a family oriented business where customers have a pleasurable experience and staff is treated fairly. Daily health challenges tax her strength but not her resolve to pursue her passion for helping others while more fully benefiting from her hard work.

CHDA is pleased to welcome Shaunte and Kieran as residents.

Ben Gallacher

Ben is a bit of a jokester and a dreamer. Like many Coloradoans, he is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying camping, fishing, hiking, rafting and boating. He’s also a devoted single-dad to his two young daughters and a hard-
working valued employee.

His journey to now included being left to fend for himself at the age of 16 after the death of his mother. Drug and alcohol abuse along with limited education factored into his struggle to find steady employment.

Ingenuity, a bicycle and lawn mower provided a sustenance source of income for nearly five years as he mowed lawns and did handy man work whenever possible. Ben and his family became CHDA residents in 2010.

In 2012, his strong work ethic and successful residency with CHDA lead to the opportunity for steady employment as a Maintenance Technician for CHDA’s properties. Ben’s dream of buried treasure is perhaps a bit closer each day.