We Are South Denver's Go-To Affordable Housing Partner

Valuable Partner

We bring unique expertise and resources together to help developers, investors and community leaders launch successful affordable housing initiatives. In doing so, we form lasting community partnerships that support our residents’ success in their lives and as tenants.

In this, we are not a competitor to developers, investors and community leaders; we are a resource and a valuable partner. The mere fact that we are still here, growing and making a difference in the community attests to our commitment and the value we deliver to the community.

The Nuts and Bolts of Service-Supported Affordable Housing

We have a long track record of success in financing, operating and leasing affordable housing, as well as bringing together a clearinghouse of key services to special needs residents in our communities.

The result of this confluence of knowledge and resources is communities of people who learn how to take care of themselves and move on to higher achievement.

These communities aren’t just successful in terms of people with limited financial means and life challenges living richer, more fulfilling lives. They are also financially successful and generate real investor returns and community capital.

CHDA communities work.

CHDA Means Credibility and Connections

Increasingly, municipalities, developers, investors and community leaders are looking for initiatives aimed at providing precisely the opportunities to diverse people in the community that CHDA has delivered for 20 years.

Simply put, CHDA offers the credibility and connections to help leaders put diversity and affordability into any development initiative.

We are the nexus point where the affordable housing rubber meets the road for interested parties including:

  • Bankers
  • Investors
  • Land owners
  • Elected governmental officials
  • Concerned citizens
  • Foundations & other grant makers
  • Potential residents

At the end of the day, CHDA wants to connect with anyone who is interested in helping provide diverse people with opportunities to become self-reliant through access to quality, affordable housing and supporting human services.